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If you are pregnant or have been pregnant in the past, you are no doubt aware of several changes that your body undergoes to accommodate new life. But did you know that some of these changes affect your smile? We encourage you to see the dentist as soon as you know you are pregnant to discuss how pregnancy affects oral health.

Our dental team will gladly review your oral health with you and discuss the oral conditions that you will want to take steps to avoid while pregnant. It’s very important that you maintain excellent oral health so that you and your baby can maintain beautiful smiles. You may need to adjust your oral hygiene routine, especially if you are not already brushing your teeth at least twice a day for two minutes at a time.

One oral condition in particular to be aware of is gum disease, which is a dangerous issue that can affect any patient, though pregnant women can be more likely to develop it due to heightened levels of progesterone. If you notice irritation in your gums, this could be the beginning of gum disease, which can become advanced if not treated and lead to other serious health concerns, such as heart disease.

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