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Picture some things you aren’t supposed to chew on: pencils, pen caps, lollipop sticks and maybe even ice come to mind. But what about solid candies? Although hard candies, unlike most of that list, are edible, their tough structure is too tricky to chew on, and if you do chew on them, you could end up breaking your tooth and have to spend some time in our office. During this holiday season, implement the following to keep each of your teeth protected and whole.

While it’s not our intention to single out any one variety of candy or food, hard candies are notorious for cracking teeth. Their sugary-sweet outside is delicious enough to make you want to chomp into them out of impulse, but that’s actually the last thing you could do. Even if you’ve been wearing away at the candy for a while, it might still be too hard to chomp through; recognizing when it’s soft enough can be difficult, and that’s what makes hard candies so dangerous. If you do give your children hard candies, make sure to watch them as they consume them; but it is probably best to skip them in the first place.

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