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As if the teenage years were not hard enough, your oral health is often extremely vulnerable during this delicate stage in a young person’s life. The last of your adult teeth, the wisdom teeth finally grow in, leading to the realization that no new teeth will ever be coming, so you must take care of the ones you have so they can last. Listed below are important tips for avoiding teenage oral health hazards:

– Smoking is a grave issue that often first digs in during the teen years. Smoking should be evaded as it can lead to severe tooth discoloration, gum disease, and oral cancer.
– The use of drugs can have severe consequences on the health of a teen, including sabotaging their oral health.
– Several health risks associated with mouth jewelry, a popular teen habit, include infections, chipped and fractured teeth, disease, and serious choking hazards.
– As a teen, the wisdom teeth grow in, which can easily lead to decay, infection, and malocclusions when they are growing in.
– As a teen, one of the most common oral accidents occurs due to joining in contact sports while not wearing the appropriate safety apparatus.

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