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One of the key points in time during your life for setting forth effective treatment plans to keep your smile safe is when you are a teen. Teenage dentistry is a key aspect of oral health care because if your smile upper tissues and limitations during these crucial years, you could end up suffering for decades to come. Not only should you be making sure that you are establishing effective treatment plans, but also have restoration plans in place and limit the risks of unhealthy peer pressure influences that can arise.

A key aspect of teenage dentistry is avoiding peer pressure risks. Because peer pressure can damage your smile and so many ways, you need to make sure that you are avoiding potential risks associated with simply doing something because someone else wants you to. This is especially true with the use of smoking or chewing tobacco. Furthermore, using drugs can also severely damage your oral health. Drugs can cause immediate stains and discolorations within your mouth and can even lead to infections and tooth loss. In addition, several different forms of cancer can develop as well.

Another common risk to a teen’s smile is through contact sports. If you are routinely involved in contact sports, you may not be aware of it, but you’re putting your entire oral health at risk every single day. Even a single blow to your face can destroy a lifetime of hard work on your teeth and gums. Furthermore, blunt trauma blows can destroy your jawbone and cause you to suffer from months of recovery. To help combat any issues associated with contact sports or any similar activities, make sure you’re wearing the necessary safety gear and equipment to keep your smile safe, including helmets, face gear and face masks.

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