Super Smiles: Teenage Dentistry

One of the key points in time during your life for setting forth effective treatment plans to keep your smile safe is when you are a teen. Teenage dentistry is a key aspect of oral health care because if your smile upper tissues and limitations during these crucial years, you could end up suffering for… Read more »

Brush Your Teeth Each Day

Do you brush your teeth every day? If so, great job! Sadly, many people do not brush correctly or enough, which causes severe cavities and other dental issues to arise resulting in painful situations. Brushing your teeth is essential to your oral health and should be done each day and accurately to be fully effective…. Read more »

How to Minimize Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies are often scary situations that involve injured teeth and gums. The most common causes of dental emergencies include accidents, blows to the face and even chewing on hard food or objects. If you want to maintain a top-notch oral health, it’s best to prevent dental emergencies. Keep in mind that accidents happen and… Read more »

Will My Oral Health Change While I’m Pregnant?

If you are pregnant or have been pregnant in the past, you are no doubt aware of several changes that your body undergoes to accommodate new life. But did you know that some of these changes affect your smile? We encourage you to see the dentist as soon as you know you are pregnant to… Read more »

The Key to a Great Smile with Gum Disease Symptom Detection

Optimum oral hygiene includes being aware of any dental damage or oral health ailments that are present in your mouth. If you are suffering an infection of your gums, this is known as periodontal disease, also commonly referred to as gum disease. To determine if you are suffering from gum disease, always be aware of… Read more »

Unlock Your Smile with Dental Floss

To give your smile the best chance for oral health care success, make sure you’re using safe and effective products for your oral health care and hygiene daily routines. This includes flossing every day. By flossing with an interdental cleaner such as the water flosser, you can keep your smile safe by cleaning between teeth… Read more »

Is Teeth Whitening Right for Me?

If you’re looking to enhance your smile, due to discoloration, or from staining from fluorosis, (too much fluoride usage) we can help! We offer teeth whitening in our office and would be more than happy to consult with you. At Barry Kinney, we offer teeth whitening in San Francisco, California, and would invite you to… Read more »

Why Hard Candies Should Be Avoided

Picture some things you aren’t supposed to chew on: pencils, pen caps, lollipop sticks and maybe even ice come to mind. But what about solid candies? Although hard candies, unlike most of that list, are edible, their tough structure is too tricky to chew on, and if you do chew on them, you could end… Read more »

The Types of Dental Crowns Available

Did you know there are different types of dental crowns that can help you restore your tooth? Well, it’s true! Our dentist, Dr. Barry Kinney, is happy to tell you all about those dental crowns so you can choose which restoration is right for you and your smile. Those dental crowns are: -Ceramic crowns: These… Read more »

Yearly Oral Health Reminders: Oral Emergencies

It is always important to make sure that your oral health is cared for not only with effective cleaning habits but also for dental damage protection. Preventing damage is essential for optimal health care due to the numerous hazards and risks that are present in our daily lives. If an oral emergency should occur, it… Read more »