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Improve and enhance your smile’s shine with a tooth whitening treatment. Whatever whitening treatment you choose, be sure to ask questions and research heavily the product you might be using, to ensure the product is right for you. After you have made your decision, follow the instructions as given by the package or the person administering the treatment to ensure maximum effectiveness.

The two most commonly used types of whitening agents include bleaching with peroxide, which can remove deep stains, or other chemical products or materials, which often can only remove surface stains. The safest and most efficient treatments are those given by your dentist.

The three chief types of teeth whitening treatments are professional cleanings administered by dentists, treatments given by dentists for at-home use, and over-the-counter products for sale in-store or online.

Some products can be dangerous to your health and can cause tooth sensitivity or bleach your gums. Some over-the-counter goods can also cause gum irritation if the bleaching tray is improperly used or if it is an incorrect size. Consult with our dentists at Barry Kinney before choosing a product to help decide which products are the safest and most effective for you.

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